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Because We Make Podcast

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Because We Make podcast!

We talked about why I do what I do as a maker and creative. I shared my thoughts on getting started with the cnc, and discussed when the best time is to start selling products.

Speaking of selling products, I chatted for a while about making and selling my first product A Round TUIT. I cleared up my methods of how they get so glassy smooth, as well as my history with the TUIT.

Of course there was some talk about the two projects I have done for the Because We Make challenges. My Chain Chomp video is suddenly doing great on Youtube, and I won their 2nd challenge with my Maker's Magic Toolbox project.

We took a deeper dive than they expected into the history of my nickname. It was a fun ride into the years I spent doing Xbox modding and running a website selling parts, mods, and upgrades for the original Xbox console.

I shared some of my plans for different types of projects on the cnc, as well as ideas for new ways to use a cnc. I offered an amazing video for my Pick of the Week where a guy carves a koi fish from 3 sides using his Shapeoko cnc.

The visit wrapped up after I gave an impassioned speech about getting started on Instagram, finding a community of support, and making friends with the people you follow.

It was a fantastic experience, and tons of fun to hang out with Vincent and Ethan! Go search for Because We Make on your podcast app of choice and stuff it in your earholes! If you aren't an app person you can catch the show on the Because We Make website, or on the Because We Make Youtube channel. You will find me in Episode 96!

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