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Making, Our Way Podcast

I was invited to hang out with Austin, Dean, and Christy on the Making, Our Way podcast!

After a brief overview of who I am and what type of maker I am, we took a deep dive into two of my projects. First we discussed my Lampshade, from why I made it and how I designed it through the finished lamp. I gave a solid explanation of how to set up double-sided carving on the cnc and make sure the part is in the right spot after the flip.

Next they asked about the Dragon Knight chess piece that I made for the #makerchessset. The set is a collaboration of 32 makers who each contributed one piece in their own style using any materials, the only restriction was size. Mine was made from carving three aluminum pieces with a tiny 1/32" endmill, and printing two pieces of translucent red resin. This spawned discussion about milling aluminum, and explaining how a 3d resin printer works.

When Christy asked about how to get started with a cnc, I gave an easy to follow summary of why "speeds and feeds" are so complicated but are not so difficult to feel for what's right. Also we got into which software is best to get started vs which is best for more advanced projects.

It was a great time, and I loved hanging out with the trio. Go subscribe to Making, Our Way podcast in your app of choice and you'll find me in Episode 26! Also follow them on Instagram!

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